ACTREG S.A.U. (Spain).

Established in 1992, is a multinational company specialized in the manufacture and sale of high quality actuators for valves requiring a rotary quarter turn movement for either On/Off or modulating duty.

The expertise and know-how has made ACTREG leaders in actuation technology.

ICP VALVES S.A.U. (Spain).

Founded in 1968 is a worldwide recognized company in the sector of general industry thanks to the experience and know-how acquired during all these years.

ICP VALVES was born to fill a gap in the market that was calling for a low cost valve with an excellent quality.

JC Fabrica de Valvulas (Spain).

Established in 1968, is a multinational company specialized in the manufacture and sale of high quality industrial valves.

The expertise and know-how acquired over the years coupled with the continued investments in the design of valves, has made JC a world renowned company in the field of valve applications.

TTV (Spain).

Founded in 1982, has been growing continuously mainly thanks to its staff, which is one of the cornerstones of the company and to the continuous technical innovations of its products.

TTV valves are technologically advanced and highly competitive thus they are currently very successful in many countries all over the world.


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